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Evolution of Anti-Aging Longevity

    We are in Revolutionary Times Now, compared to Our Evolutionary Past. Let's Summarize where we were, then get into the Present Times.Not too long ago, We lived in the Caveman Days. We moved up through the Dark Ages of History and have even overcome the days of Plagues. One of the results, since those times, is we are living…

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Cellular Longevity is Obtainable: Sirtuin Supplementation 2019

       What is all the Sirtuin Talk About? In the Past there was alot of Controversy about these so called Sirtuin Enzymes. In this Article We Summarize the Background of Studies brought about with the Discussion of Sirtuin Genes, Sirtuin Proteins, and Sirtuin Enzymes. In 2003, David A. Sinclair Ph.D., Professor Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical, head off the…

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The Nutrient’s Exchange: Energy for Sirtuins

    We Know that NAD turns Nutrients into Energy. This is one of the Main Functions of Metabolism. Since Sirtuin Genes and Proteins Require NAD+ to Function, then the Link Between NAD and Sirtuins help Regulate Metabolism.     There is also a Calorie Restriction aspect of this Process as well. Calorie Restriction forces Cells to make Energy because of it's…

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Sirtuin Deacetylate Process

    In the 1970's, Dr. Amarklar discovered the Gene SIR2. Keep in Mind this is One out of Seven Sirtuin Genes in Our Cells that Consist of Universal Functions of Our Bodies. In the Last 10 Years Incredible discoveries have been Made!     In Scientific Terms, Sirtuins remove Acetyl groups from other Molecules. This Process is called Deacetylation. In Short…

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Sirtuins as Proteins

    Sirtuins nicknamed "the Longevity Genes" consist of Seven Proteins within the Inner Cell help Regulate Cellular Health. Structurally Sirtuin Genes placed in the Mitochondria, Cytoplasm and our DNA communicate through Proteins. In order to Breakdown and Build Up Proteins to Transfer Electrons and Nutrients, Sirtuins need NAD (Organic Energy) to Function at it's Highest Levels.     Exercise, Diet and…

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Sirtuins and Enzymes

Sirtuins Regulation of Biological processes Fundamentally involve some Enzymatic Activities throughout the Body. Within the Inner Cell Structure, Sirtuin Active Enzymes work between Mitochondria, Cytoplasm and the DNA in a Combined Effort to keep Communication Open and in Working Order. Here is the Big News:NAD (or Energy) are Needed to keep Sirtuins Functioning Properly. As NAD Levels Decline with Age, it Would be…

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Relationship Between Energy and Sirtuins

    The Relationship Between Energy (NAD) and Sirtuins dates back to the Foundation of Cell Development. Both have Roles in Regulating Energy Metabolism. This Relationship together Orchestrates Foundational Aging and Longevity Demonstrations. As NAD (Energy) transfer decreases overtime, Sirtuin Function within our cells Lose Communication between the Mitochondria and the Cell Nucleus.     The Need for Certain Daily Activities can't…

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Regulate Cellular Health with Sirtuins

Regulate Cellular Health with SirtuinsLet's Visualize each Cell in your Human Body as individual companies working under the same Government. On a Broad Scale, Our Cells have Unique ways of Producing Results, yet Working towards the Overall Goal Towards One Body. To Dive deeper into the Human Cell, Let's examine what the Term "Sirtuins" has to Play in the Operation. What is…

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Benefits of Activated Sirtuins

Source: About NAD  Promotes healthy mitochondrial function, which is an important component of human aging2Supplementation of an NAD+ precursor for one week in aged mice reversed their mitochondrial dysfunction and returned mitochondrial health and key biochemical markers of muscle health to levels similar to a young mouse1,2Increases sirtuin activation, improving mitochondrial activity to help prevent cellular damage due to free radicals2,3 …

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Science Research Studies

Source: About NAD A Study to Assess the Effects of Nicotinamide Riboside on Cognitive Function, Mood and Sleep in Older Adults  Effects of Nicotinamide Riboside on Metabolism and Vascular Function The Effects of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) on Brain Function and Cognition  Study to Evaluate the Effect of Nicotinamide Riboside on Immunity Effect of Nicotinamide Riboside and Pterostilbene Supplementation on Muscle Regeneration in Elderly HumansNAD+…

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