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Relationship Between Energy and Sirtuins – Sirtuins Health

Relationship Between Energy and Sirtuins

    The Relationship Between Energy (NAD) and Sirtuins dates back to the Foundation of Cell Development. Both have Roles in Regulating Energy Metabolism. This Relationship together Orchestrates Foundational Aging and Longevity Demonstrations. As NAD (Energy) transfer decreases overtime, Sirtuin Function within our cells Lose Communication between the Mitochondria and the Cell Nucleus.

    The Need for Certain Daily Activities can’t be more important for the Longevity of our Lives, then Right Now. Here are a few examples of such Activities:
Regular Exercise, Proper Sleep, Proper Nutrition or Diet, and additional Supplementation to increase NAD Levels in our Bodies. Shown to Safely Increase NAD Levels in the Body is TruNiagen Supplementation.
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