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February 2019 – Sirtuins Health

Evolution of Anti-Aging Longevity

    We are in Revolutionary Times Now, compared to Our Evolutionary Past. Let's Summarize where we were, then get into the Present Times.Not too long ago, We lived in the Caveman Days. We moved up through the Dark Ages of History and have even overcome the days of Plagues. One of the results, since those times, is we are living…

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Cellular Longevity is Obtainable: Sirtuin Supplementation 2019

       What is all the Sirtuin Talk About? In the Past there was alot of Controversy about these so called Sirtuin Enzymes. In this Article We Summarize the Background of Studies brought about with the Discussion of Sirtuin Genes, Sirtuin Proteins, and Sirtuin Enzymes. In 2003, David A. Sinclair Ph.D., Professor Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical, head off the…

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The Nutrient’s Exchange: Energy for Sirtuins

    We Know that NAD turns Nutrients into Energy. This is one of the Main Functions of Metabolism. Since Sirtuin Genes and Proteins Require NAD+ to Function, then the Link Between NAD and Sirtuins help Regulate Metabolism.     There is also a Calorie Restriction aspect of this Process as well. Calorie Restriction forces Cells to make Energy because of it's…

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