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Regulate Cellular Health with Sirtuins – Sirtuins Health

Regulate Cellular Health with Sirtuins

Regulate Cellular Health with Sirtuins
Let’s Visualize each Cell in your Human Body as individual companies working under the same Government. On a Broad Scale, Our Cells have Unique ways of Producing Results, yet Working towards the Overall Goal Towards One Body.
To Dive deeper into the Human Cell, Let’s examine what the Term “Sirtuins” has to Play in the Operation. What is Really going on in each Cell or Company at this moment. There are a Variety of Productions and Goals that different parts of the Cell must Consistently Produce for the Longevity of the Company. Internal Rules are put in place, as well as External Laws will determine the Success of the Working Cell. Think of Sirtuins as Your CEO of the Cell. Sirtuin Proteins and the Relationship with Sirtuin Genes Learn how to Switch on/off the Lights to Keeping the Cell or Company in Business as Long as Possible.
The Fact that NAD+ declines as we get older, We need to Supplement the Mitochondria to Assist the Sirtuin Genes to Protect Our Cells. Precurser Nicotinamide Riboside (Product TruNiagen) Safely Increases NAD in our Mitochondria. Since Sirtuins Manage everything in the Cell to keep This Company in Full Capacity, it will be in Good Observation to Supplement Our Cells to Maintain Longevity as We Age. This is Sirtuins Health !
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