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Leading to Sirtuins History – Sirtuins Health

Leading to Sirtuins History

1906 – NAD was discovered by Arthur Harden and William John Young.

1929 – Hans von Euler-Chelpin won the Nobel Prize with Arthur Harden for their investigation into fermentation

1936 – Otto Heinrich Warburg showed how NAD functions in fermentation reactions.


1938 – Conrad Elvehjem discovered “anti-black tongue factor,” the first vitamin precursors of NAD.

1940 – Arthur Kornberg discovered the first NAD biosynthetic enzyme.

1958 – Jack Preiss and Philip Handler discovered the pathway through which nicotinic acid is converted into NAD.

1963 – Mandel and colleagues described the first chemical reaction in which NAD is broken down to its component parts.

2000 – Leonard Guarente and co-workers discovered that Sirtuin enzymes break NAD into its component parts.

2004 – Charles Brenner and co-workers discovered a new NAD precursor and the pathway through which nicotinamide riboside is converted into NAD.


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